Resources and Readings;
Course readings identified, pdf files of additional readings are attached

The readings are a combination of 186.766 course readings and readings accessed from the ERIC Data base. You may need to be logged into the ERIC data base via the Massey library to access non pdf readings.

1:   Reading 5.4. Ryan, Y. (2001).  The provision of learner support services online.

2:   Reading 2.4. Huahng, H. (2002). Toward constructivism for adult learners in online learning environments

3:  Mason, R. (2006). Learning technologies for adult continuing education

4:  Stacy, E. Smith, P. Barty, K. ( 2004). Adult learners in the workplace. (attached as a pdf file)

5;  Guldburg, K.( 2008). Adult learners and professional; development. Peer to peer learning in a networked

6:   Knightly, W. ( 2007). Adult learners online. Students' experiences of online learning.  (attached as a pdf file)

7:  MacDonald, I. Bullen, M. & KozaK, R. (2007). Identifying effective approaches to work based training.
                                                                                      (attached as a pdf file)

8:  Lopez-Fernandez, O. & Roderiguez- Illera, J. (2008). Investigating university students adaptation to digital
                           learner course portfolio.
9:  Tzoureli, Mylonas, & Kollias. (2008). Intelligent e-learning system based on learner profiling and learning
                                                                      resources adaptation. (attached as a pdf file)

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